Recalling Memories: Riding Along the LA River

I saw the shadow of my bicycle from tree to tree as I rode atop the Los Angeles Riverbed between the 105 and the 91 freeway going south. I saw the silhouette of a little girl riding her bike on an afternoon sunset after she finished her homework and had dinner, and I remembered. I… Continue reading Recalling Memories: Riding Along the LA River

Labios en Rojo – Lips in Red

It had been years, probably since I was in elementary school, that I had pulled my hair straight back into a bun. I made sure, as I always did, that there were no little cuernitos sticking out. I probably did my hair about five times until it was as slick as it could be. “Parece… Continue reading Labios en Rojo – Lips in Red

Las Lineas, Fronteras, Dos Tierras, Como le Llamen

Las lineas: Lineas que existen. Linease que creamos. Lineas que dividen. Una tierra. Ilusión de dos. Mexico. Estados Unidos. Una flor. Cables de luz. Intersección.   Por que nací de un lado, cruzo libremente—al fin de todo, una ilusión de division que dejamos existir en la realidad. Crucé a Mexicali el fin de semana pasado y tomé esta foto.… Continue reading Las Lineas, Fronteras, Dos Tierras, Como le Llamen

Noche En Oaxaca: El Relato De Una Enamorada

The warm tungsten lights glowed in the streets of Oaxaca de Juarez. The evening unfolded into a black and white scene. It was my last night in the city and the wanderlust passion elevated me to a zealous dimension. I set out on this journey to fulfill a childhood dream, to grow, to rekindle my… Continue reading Noche En Oaxaca: El Relato De Una Enamorada

De Tinta Roja: Sangre Que Se Evapora

  Today marks exactly one year since the disappearance of the 43 Normalista students in Ayotzinapa--Students in a rural town in Guerrero studying to be educators, aspiring to provide a better life for their families, their community. The atrocious act sparked outrage in Mexico and the world, drawing light to the murderous narco state. I was… Continue reading De Tinta Roja: Sangre Que Se Evapora

Mi Locura

 No, no me había curado: el amor es una enfermedad en el mundo en que lo único natural es el odio." —Las Batallas en el Desierto, Jose Emilio Pacheco quiebra mi corazón pero mi amor nunca lo veras morir destroza mi corazón pero yo no me someteré al estado que la destrucción induce un estado que la… Continue reading Mi Locura