Danzantes Unidos Festival 2016

As part of the media team at Danzantes Unidos, I captured some shots at Danzantes Unidos Festival 2016 that took place in East Los Angeles. These are highlights of three nights of showcase performances.


Recalling Memories: Riding Along the LA River

I saw the shadow of my bicycle from tree to tree as I rode atop the Los Angeles Riverbed between the 105 and the 91 freeway going south. I saw the silhouette of a little girl riding her bike on an afternoon sunset after she finished her homework and had dinner, and I remembered. I… Continue reading Recalling Memories: Riding Along the LA River

Labios en Rojo – Lips in Red

It had been years, probably since I was in elementary school, that I had pulled my hair straight back into a bun. I made sure, as I always did, that there were no little cuernitos sticking out. I probably did my hair about five times until it was as slick as it could be. “Parece… Continue reading Labios en Rojo – Lips in Red

Las Lineas, Fronteras, Dos Tierras, Como le Llamen

Las lineas: Lineas que existen. Linease que creamos. Lineas que dividen. Una tierra. Ilusión de dos. Mexico. Estados Unidos. Una flor. Cables de luz. Intersección.   Por que nací de un lado, cruzo libremente—al fin de todo, una ilusión de division que dejamos existir en la realidad. Crucé a Mexicali el fin de semana pasado y tomé esta foto.… Continue reading Las Lineas, Fronteras, Dos Tierras, Como le Llamen

What We Capture

Downtown Puebla. Wandering. Camera hung on on my neck. I reached for my camera as I saw the singularity of miscellaneous items at the stand across the street from me. I stopped to capture something that reminded me of the childhood juegos with my sister when we pretended to have a store of our own; one we… Continue reading What We Capture

Lo Que Nos Une: Reflexiones de mi experiencia con mi abuelo

El olor a queso seco y canela recien cocida impregnan el aire y mi ropa. Como mi tostada de frijol con guacamole, chile y mi queso seco asado en el comal. Durante la cena, escucho a mi abuelo contar de cuando se perdió en un aguacero y se fue rodando con una piedra bajo un… Continue reading Lo Que Nos Une: Reflexiones de mi experiencia con mi abuelo