Youth Media in Boyle Heights, Los Angeles

From September 2015 to June 2016, I worked teaching film to youth from Roosevelt High School in Boyle Heights, Los Angeles who attended the College Track program in Boyle Heights. We set on to create projects that reflected who they were, their community, and where they came from. As an educator, I focused on creating a space where youth were empowered through the exploration and sharing of their own stories. I was amazed at the relationships built amongst youth, as they began to interview each other, which proves to be a listening tool for the interviewer, paying close attention to what the person is saying, and holding a safe space for them to be vulnerable. The five students I worked with transformed the way I viewed myself as an educator, as a storyteller. This experience allowed me to see the way media serves as a tool for social justice, for self-empowerment, for drawing meaning and purpose, especially with youth that are in a phase where they are forming their identities.


Danzantes Unidos Festival 2016

As part of the media team at Danzantes Unidos, I captured some shots at Danzantes Unidos Festival 2016 that took place in East Los Angeles. These are highlights of three nights of showcase performances.