The Fortune You Possess

Entrapped in a boundless fire ideas and inspiration birth to life become a burning bush- eternal and loving. Revolutionary love is caught in momentum- magnified, a one-way stream that does not retrocede, erodes all that is stationary ground. Indulge in the fortune you possess Embellish the treasure that is You Love because You are Love

Puebla: Behind the Wooden Doors

Colorful colonial balconies, busy streets and sidewalks. Downtown Puebla is filled with street food, color, and noise. Buildings are magnificently tall, wide streets; it is a populous city. Some wooden doors still mark the entrance to these building and to my surprise, peeking through a finger size rupture of one of those, I found a different hidden life behind closed doors;… Continue reading Puebla: Behind the Wooden Doors

What We Capture

Downtown Puebla. Wandering. Camera hung on on my neck. I reached for my camera as I saw the singularity of miscellaneous items at the stand across the street from me. I stopped to capture something that reminded me of the childhood juegos with my sister when we pretended to have a store of our own; one we… Continue reading What We Capture

#1DMX: La Lucha Persiste, No Hemos Cedido

Las luces de la ciudad empezaban a encenderse junto con las velas que se iban incendiando y el contingente se preparaba para marchar al caer la noche. Diciembre primero marcó dos años de la Presidencia de Enrique Peña Nieto en México. Este día fue otro día histórico de una marcha pacífica por el apoyo a… Continue reading #1DMX: La Lucha Persiste, No Hemos Cedido

Ante La Represión, La Organización: Estudiantes Jalisciences Presentes

I march because I am agitated — Eduardo Carballo Lopez, Instituto Tecnologico y de Estudios Superiores de Occidente (ITESO) My parents, my grandparents are drained — Luis Alberto, Universidad del Valle de Atemajac (UNIVA) We are irritated of the situation in this country, there are no answers for anything, only repression — Ricardo de Jesus… Continue reading Ante La Represión, La Organización: Estudiantes Jalisciences Presentes

Noche En Oaxaca: El Relato De Una Enamorada

The warm tungsten lights glowed in the streets of Oaxaca de Juarez. The evening unfolded into a black and white scene. It was my last night in the city and the wanderlust passion elevated me to a zealous dimension. I set out on this journey to fulfill a childhood dream, to grow, to rekindle my… Continue reading Noche En Oaxaca: El Relato De Una Enamorada