Nothing in Life is Linear

As I continue to mature and explore, I constantly remember the people who have played a shaping role in my life. I see the connectedness I have with those around me , we are all a little bit of everyone, and in that way, the most unique beings there could be. We live through exchanges—ideas, smiles, a touch, knowledge, wisdom, pain, love… I thought it necessary to share the wisdom one of my close friends shared with me upon reading my previous post:

“The next time you are drowning in your own thoughts, and feeling selfish or upset for the life you are enjoying, please remember this short sentence that struck a chord: NOTHING in life is linear, (unless you are dealing with linear equations, or architecture). There will be loops in life, bumps, setbacks that will stray you from the line, but that does not mean the road you have chosen is a mistake. So please have adventures,  live life according to you and no one else.” – S. G.

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