Enlivening Sensation

Hubo un tiempo cuando las palabras se ahogaban en mi garganta sin poder salir
cuando el pensamiento mismo las hacia prisioneras de un mundo infertil
pero llega el día mientras esperas con fervor y tan cálida ansiedad 
que surgen como lava en un volcan y recrean la tierra en que vivirán

droplets of rain are imprisoned by the gasps of my dessert skin
my heartbeat, a frequency of dissonant sound waves
cardboard resonators choke the marimba of my thoughts into an arid cry

a tiny slit through the cloth over my mouth
enough to recall
how the wind enamors my skin in the evening light
how surrounding sounds ease their way into a melodic contemplation
and how words paint a canvas of my living memories

I had forgotten the ash filled nights, the thunderous storms of my heart
I could no longer differentiate the tears of the sky with the rain of my eyes

water droplets imprint their way through hair strands
scorching streaks scar my face and neck
stream down my spine, overtake my flesh

let me walk barefoot atop the dirt ground
I want my feet to be slashed by the shattered glass

sights begin to construct with the words of my eyes
saw dust dances with the rain of memories lost
morning carpentry smell of a childhood past
a silken taste of dreams at the tip of my tongue

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